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Current Events at the Japanese Garden

On Saturday, August 27, the Japanese Garden will present: Behind the Shoji Artist Demo: Masamichi Nitani – woodworking.

On Sunday, August 28, they’ll present: Behind the Shoji Artist Demo: Teresa Ruch – bamboo dying/textiles.

Both start at 11:00 a.m. and are included with Garden admission.

Charlie M. Clint,

Letter-Writing Project Offers a Helping Hand

May 8, 2011

In this world of tweets and text messages, it really is still relevant to write a letter!

A local mother, Lisa Uzunoe, has found a way that by simply writing a letter people can help lift the spirits of those in Japan who are left homeless by the recent earthquake and tsunami. Sometimes a sincere message of ‘hang in there’ can be just as valuable as money.

“What can our kids do to help Northern Japan?” was the question that started the campaign. A few Richmond School parents came up with the concept of the “Ganbatte Letters” — to give people still living in emergency shelters just a small light of hope and something to smile about. The project also gives children an opportunity to help others in a very personal way. Mercy Corps and Peace Winds Japan have agreed to distribute the letters to the children and adults in the devastated parts of Japan.

Both children and adults are encouraged to write in Japanese (as much as they are able) to the kids, adults and even seniors who are still suffering in Japan. (A large percentage of those in the shelters are not children.) The letters will be collected through Friday, May 31.

Information about the project — and the format of the letters — is included in the document below.

Note: The following document is in PDF format.

Do you need Adobe Reader? It’s free!

Info about Ganbatte Letters [PDF]

Questions can be emailed to Lisa Uzunoe (Mother of two boys Pre-K & 2nd grade @ Richmond Elementary & Associate Minister of the Konko Church of Portland) at: